City of Stars – La La Land cover

Thanks for watching my cover of “City of Stars” by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone from La La Land! I loved this movie so so much (even though it tore me apart inside) and I highly suggest watching it! If you haven’t already, go subscribe to my YouTube channel for new videos EVERY MONDAY and make sure you are following this blog! Also, make sure to leave a comment with any cover requests/suggestions and I will do my best to record them!

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Camera: Canon Rebel t5i
Editor: Final Cut Pro
Microphone: Presonus M7 Condensor Mic
Audio Interface: PreSonus AudioBox iTwo
Recorded On: GarageBand


(they also have karaoke tracks for a higher and lower key of the song!)


DISCLAIMER: I never use autotune in my videos. The only I thing I did to the vocal track was add GarageBand’s “Tracking Vocal” filter to add some reverb.

*This video is not sponsored*

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